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Hockey Copilot—like a golf simulator, but for hockey

Hockey Copilot Shooter

What is it?

Hockey Copilot

Hockey Copilot is the advanced off-ice shooting trainer & simulator. It helps players from novice to NHL pro stay engaged, motivated, and perfectly challenged regardless of age or skill. It is the perfect copilot.

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Interactive Moving Targets

Players shoot at interactive and customizable moving targets so they must keep their head up

Drills and games—an ever-expanding catalog

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Real Pucks & Sticks

Players shoot real pucks and use real sticks so their training translates to the ice

No proprietary equipment—use the real thing

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Shot Accuracy Data

Players receive real-time shot accuracy data giving them precise feedback instantly

Not just hits and misses—precisely where

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Video Analysis Planned*

Replay, review, and evaluate shooting form in slo-mo so players can learn and adjust

Watch film—your film

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Shooting Analytics Planned*

Review and study automatically recorded stats validating and motivating improvement

Measure first—track progress

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Have Ideas?

We love hearing your feedback and ideas! Send them to

Your ideas—becoming reality

Who is it for?

By Players for Players

Off-ice shooting training is massively underappreciated and underutilized—both in-season and off-season. This makes shooting an underdeveloped skill. It is not a "gift" only some players have.

This skill can be developed off-ice. On-ice time is scarce and expensive. Off-ice time is plentiful and inexpensive. This is why we exist.

Hockey Copilot is for hockey players and trainers dissatisfied with the status quo—insufficient shooting training tools. We built Hockey Copilot to raise the bar. Not just on one dimension, but nine:

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  1. No or low interactivity
  2. No or low motion
  3. No or low feedback
  4. Fixed difficulty
  5. Fixed shooting angle
  6. Low-teachability
  7. Low-challenge
  8. Low-replayability
  9. Low-fun
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Hockey Copilot

  1. Rich interactivity—real-time scoring and visual feedback
  2. Rich motion—real-time moving and resizable targets
  3. Instant feedback—real-time feedback on hits and misses—even bar-in & bar-out
  4. Custom difficulty—customizable drills and games to increase or decrease difficulty
  5. Custom shooting angle—take reps in Ovi's Office, at the point, on the goalline, or anywhere else
  6. High-teachability—develop shooting sense via Puck Vision, Shot Pass drill, and more
  7. High-challenge—ever-expanding catalog of drills and games to keep you challenged
  8. High-replayability—near infinite combos of drills and games, their customization, and shot locations
  9. Super fun—it's like a video game adults don't stop you from playing

1 Rich interactivity

Instant scoring and visual feedback for enhanced skill development and stat tracking
Raise the bar with rich interactivity Raise the bar with rich interactivity
Raise the bar with rich motion Raise the bar with rich motion

2 Rich motion

Dynamic, resizable targets force players to keep their head up throughout the shot sequence

3 Instant feedback

Immediate insights on hits, misses, posts, and crossbar shots for quick adjustments
Raise the bar with instant feedback Raise the bar with instant feedback
Raise the bar with custom difficulty Raise the bar with custom difficulty

4 Custom difficulty

Tailor drills to your skill level, from foundational practice to advanced challenges

5 Custom shooting angle

Replicate game situations with varied shooting angles for comprehensive training
Raise the bar with custom angle Raise the bar with custom angle
Raise the bar with high teachability Raise the bar with high teachability

6 High-teachability

Develop shooting sense via Puck Vision, Shot Pass drill, and more

7 High-challenge

Stay engaged with an ever-expanding catalog of challenging drills and games
Raise the bar with high challenge Raise the bar with high challenge
Raise the bar with high replayability Raise the bar with high replayability

8 High-replayability

Endless training combinations keep sessions fresh and effective over time

9 Super fun

Enjoyable and immersive, combining serious training with the excitement of a game
Raise the bar with high fun Raise the bar with high fun

Why buy?

A Class of its Own

Hockey Copilot offers the one-of-a-kind advanced off-ice shooting trainer and simulator that provides interactive and configurable moving targets, instant visual feedback, unparalleled shot accuracy tracking, and more...

Put simply, it makes you better as you're having fun.

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How You Get Better

How you get better angles goalline
Real-time Interactivity 1
Real-time Accuracy 2
Real-time Scoring 3
Real Equipment 4
Drills and Games 5
Custom Settings 6
Shot Locations 7
Puck Vision 8
  1. Real-time Interactivity—Real-time interactive moving targets so you must keep your head up when shooting
  2. Real-time Accuracy—Real-time accuracy tracking to see exactly where you hit and miss
  3. Real-time Scoring—Real-time scoring with unique scoreboards designed to perfectly match each drill or game
  4. Real Equipment—Real pucks and real sticks so your wristers, slappers, snappers and backhands translate to the ice
  5. Drills and Games—An ever-expanding catalog of drills and games (single and multiplayer) so you are always challenged and having fun
  6. Custom Settings—Drills and Games receive updates so new difficulty settings, modes, and rule sets make the old new again
  7. Shot Locations—Simulate on-ice shot locations so you can shoot from the goalline, Ovi's office, the slot, or anywhere else
  8. Puck Vision—See from the puck's vantage point at any moment to see openings upstairs and elsewhere that you can't

Queued & Planned:

  • Training CircuitsPlanned*—Prebuilt and custom training circuits so your interactive training session starts and ends with one-click
  • Slo-mo AnalysisPlanned*—Record and watch your shot in slow motion so you, trainers, and coaches can analyze and review your shooting form
  • Custom ProfilesPlanned*—Automatically save accuracy and scoring stats over time to track, validate, and reflect on your progression
  • Meta-Team TournamentsPlanned*—Represent your city, state, province, or country through scheduled tournaments—Canada Flag vs. USA Flag anyone?

Always Improving

We love hearing your ideas! In fact, what we work on next is Queued* and informed by your feedback.

We give also Credit to those that want it.

View 25+ ideas below and send more to

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  1. Around the World
  2. Classic Corners Released
  3. Frozen Goalie Jordan Y. idea Released
  4. Gauntlet
  5. Goalie Screens Croby T. idea
  6. Half Moon
  7. Hatty Corners
  8. Hit the Net Released
  9. Shot Block Evasion Mason B. idea
  10. Shot Pass
  11. Super Sauce Derek P. idea
  12. Tip Shot
  13. Wandering Bullseye Released
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  1. Bubble Hockey Goalie
  2. Carnival Challenge Jake H. idea
  3. Dueling Tree Brian H. idea Released
  4. Hockey Golf Queued*
  5. H-O-R-S-E Laura W. idea
  6. Poker Queued*
  7. Post Party Released
  8. Puck Hunt
  9. Quick Draw Xavier M. idea
  10. Smash Stage Derek O. idea
  11. Spittin' Chiclets
  12. Tic-Tac-Toe Henry H. idea Released
  13. Zamboni Racing
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Circuits Planned*

Our current thinking for Training Circuits is that they'll be one-click and automatically populate a set of drills—each with preset settings—that auto-advance on drill completion.

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Have Ideas?

We love hearing your feedback and ideas! Send them to

How does it work?

The System

The Hockey Copilot system consists of five core parts:

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The Parts

The Parts - General
  1. Hockey Copilot app
  2. Tracking camera
  3. HD computer
  4. HD projector
  5. Shooting tarp
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Lite Kit

The Parts - Lite Kit
  1. Hockey Copilot app + lifetime subscription
  2. Tracking camera + mount
  3. HD computer
  4. HD projector + HDMI cable
  5. Shooting tarp
*For parts 3-5 recommendations see FAQs
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Pro Kit

The Parts - Pro Kit
  1. Hockey Copilot app + lifetime subscription
  2. Tracking camera + mount
  3. HD gaming laptop
  4. HD projector + HDMI cable
  5. Shooting tarp at 16' wide up to 10' high
*Tarp frame not included, see prerequisites
System examples Hockey copilot app 1

Hockey Copilot App - Menu

System examples Hockey copilot app 2

Hockey Copilot App - Drill

System examples HD gaming laptop and HD projector

HD Projector & HD Gaming Laptop

System examples Shooting tarp

Shooting Tarp 10'x7' min & 16'x9' max

System examples camera and mount

Tracking Camera & Mount

DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Friendly

The Hockey Copilot system is DIY friendly by design. We know training facilities, sport courts, field houses, gyms, home basements, garages, shops, and business environments come in various shapes and sizes.

  • Golf simulator conversion kit—the Lite Kit transforms your golf simulator into a hockey simulator
  • Affordability—the Lite Kit is great for those with an existing computer, projector, and/or tarp area
  • Flexibility—we support 5 tarp install types—wall, ceiling, clothesline, net-clipped, and enclosure
  • Non-proprietary tarp—it just needs to be plain white and durable

View our FAQs for details, specs, and tips

Have Questions?

Get in Touch

Want a custom solution? Need clarifications? Have ideas? Other? We love talking with our customers, potential customers, and partners so don't hesitate to reach out.

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FAQs — Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I use my own computer?—Yes
    • For the best accuracy and rendering responsiveness experience we recommend a HD (1920x1080) computer with an i5 (2.70GHz) processor (or better), a dedicated graphics card (NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2050 or better), and at least 1GB RAM
    • That said, we have customers who've been happy with their i3 processor though the accuracy and responsiveness can be degraded
    • Processors other that i3, i5, i7, and i9 work as do other graphics cards but Hockey Copilot is currently optimized for Intel processors and NVIDIA graphics cards
  2. Can I use my own projector?—Yes
    • We recommend a HD (1920x1080) projector that has an ANSI lumen count of 4000 (or more) to counter ambient light. However, you can use less or more lumens and/or adjust lighting to find what works best for your environment
    • We highly recommend this Projector Throw Distance Calculator to determine which projector works best for your environment
  3. Can I use my own tarp?—Yes
    • Hockey Copilot does not require a proprietary tarp—it just needs to be plain white for the projector and tracking camera to work properly. You can overlay one against an existing shooting tarp, a golf simulator impact screen, or install your own (wall, ceiling, clothesline, net-clipped, or enclosure)
    • Additionally, we recommend a 20mil heavy duty tarp and its installation 16"-20" off the wall. If you have cement walls or additional padding behind the tarp you can install closer to the wall
    • We've heard 16mil tarps or two 10mil tarps back-to-back work fine. Experiment at your own risk
  4. Is the camera setup location flexible?—Yes
    • The camera simply needs an unobstructed view of the tarp and a portion of the shooting area. This means it can be mounted from floor to ceiling
    • We recommend table height or higher behind the shooter. Ceiling mounting can be ideal if your space abides, but a custom length USB 2.0 cable is required
    • Additionally, there are on-screen directions and controls in the Hockey Copilot app for further adjusting, zooming, and optimizing the camera's view
  5. Can I use my existing golf simulator setup?—Yes
    • The computer and projector requirements mentioned above still stand (typically golf simulators have this covered with ease) and you'll still need to purchase our tracking camera and software via the Lite Kit
    • Additionally, you'll likely want to overlay a plain white tarp over your existing impact screen to protect it from black puck marks
  6. Do I get customer support?—Yes
    • You can email us and expect a response within 48 hrs (often much faster) or you can schedule a call (phone or video—whichever you prefer)
  7. Can I use Hockey Copilot outside?—Yes
    • Naturally, you're responsible for protecting the system and its electronics from the weather
    • Additionally, to combat ambient sunlight you'll need a projector with well over our 4000 lumen indoor recommendation during daylight hours. Typically, the higher the lumen count the more expensive the projector

Product Transparency

We are transparent regarding our product plans so you—our customers, potential customers, and partners—can:

  1. Get excited about how Hockey Copilot is evolving
  2. Influence how Hockey Copilot gets better

As a result you will see Queued* and Planned* tags associated with various information on this website. These are not guarantees of features that will land in our product. Instead, they are for informational purposes only.

That said, we've yet to cancel a queued item or rule out a planned item.

  • Queued*—Work on this is in-progress or queued to start soon
  • Planned*—We need more customer feedback
  • Credit—Credit tags for those submitting ideas

As mentioned previously, you can influence what gets Queued* and Planned* . So send feedback and ideas to


Designed, programmed, & kit assembled in the USA... near Canada :)

By hockey players for hockey players

Hockey Copilot, LLC

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